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I Just Love Winter

Most people long for summer… but me I long for winter. It’s magical and my favorite portraits are always created in the winter.View full post »

Winter Portfolio

I truly love New England and cannot imagine myself living anywhere else.  Oddly, my favorite season is winter.  I know everyone isView full post »

Winter Wonderland

My favorite time of year has arrived and with plenty of snow this year!  I’m like a kid when the first blizzard arrives. I love howView full post »

Winter Portraits

Just getting around to sharing some additional favorites from my winter portrait shooting.View full post »

Winter Storm Session

We tried to beat the snow on this session by scheduling it 2 hours earlier but it caught right up to us.  What we thought would ruin theView full post »

Vintage Winter Boy

I had an idea and set out to photograph a young boy in the winter with a vintage lamp to give it an old feel.  Snow was coming and I wasView full post »


I realize that according to the calendar spring is 7 days away, but I have so many wonderful winter portrait sessions to share!!View full post »

Winter Portraiture

I continue to be in love with winter portraiture. Each session more unique than the one before.  Sharing one of so many more in my archive.View full post »

Girls & Winter

How fun is it to be bundled up in fur and be photographed out in the beautiful white snow??????!!!View full post »

Boys & Winter

Sharing a boys winter session taken this winter. Really love the birch trees on the first photo. Makes it look like a classic New EnglandView full post »

Red Riding Hood Winter

I had so much fun with this red riding hood idea.  Here is another session with a different setting and a completely different look.  IView full post »

Beautiful Angel

Winter has such an angelic serene feel to it.  I wanted this image to portray that feeling!!     Here are a few more of thisView full post »

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