Lupine Festival

This past weekend I went to the Lupine Festival in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire.  It was my first time there and I LOVED it.  Talk about a color overload!! Deep jewel tones with field after field of lupine.  Funny, I don’t even think I knew much about the lupine prior to my visit so I have a new respect for the flower.  They were abundantly fragrant and I just might plant some soon!  The thing about this area is the natural beauty.  It’s a very simple rural town in New Hampshire and you can literally pull over anywhere and capture something beautiful there.  One of the fields we passed had a beautiful white horse grazing in a pasture with millions of tiny yellow buttercup flowers.  Such a beautiful site.  Then the largest lupine field had a church at the top of the hill, so picturesque~

Enjoyed this little venture so much!


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