We spent quite a bit of time in Montmartre, this quaint little village of Paris.  To take it all in we sat in an outdoor cafe with a some cappuccino and pastry and just watched.  Artists crammed in every square inch of real estate and endless people watching! I was amazed by the volume of artists and their set up in the square.  If there wasn’t enough space, they were walking the streets with their pads of paper and pencils.  Each artist unique and unlike the other.  Fascinating too were the easels and chairs used as they appeared to be older than the city itself~!  You know that loved and worn look?

One artist in particular had my eye and I thought long and hard about making a purchase.  Dark jewel tones and portraits with people that have strong character are appealing to me, sort of like the artist himself.  We thought it was a self portrait but he said it was “something in his mind”.  The colors he used were so deep and rich!!! He is the gentleman in red below with the cigarette in his mouth.

Montmartre could easily draw me in because of the character of the artists there.  Many wearing berets, with gray course hair, smoking, with wrinkled dry skin, and serious faces.  If we had more time, I would have stayed there all day!~ This was a part of Paris, I’ll not soon forget!



M o r e   i n f o