I’m in love

Nearing day 2 in Paris and I think I am in love.  This city is amazing.  There is so much history and charm.  Their flowers are in bloom and everywhere you walk you have a strong smell of hyacynths.  Colors are beautiful.  Tonight we walked to the Eiffel Tower from the Westin.   As the sun was setting we strolled through a massive and beautiful park.  SO many beautiful silhouettes to take in.


We passed the Arc De Triomphe as the sun was setting.


We are staying at the Westin.  When you walk out the front door and look down the street, this is what we see.  We did a lot of silhouettes tonight as we traveled towards the tower.  We went up the tower at night and could see the whole city.  Absolutely stunning!  Can’t wait to go up during the day now too!


Below we are walking along the Seine River and under a bridge with the view of the EIffel in front of us. 

This is the view from halfway up the tower looking out at the city.  The weather is perfect right now and we enjoyed a beautiful breeze sitting up there!  Ahhhh, like I said, I’m in love!

We took this funny little cab back to the hotel. It was smaller than a zip car and the driver cranked Michael Jackson songs the whole way.  We were cracking up!  We’re here to take it all in and do they the locals do!


Bonsoir friends!  More to come



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