Quebec -first post

Just returned from a trip Quebec.  My hubby took me to see the winter carnival for my birthday!  Quebec is a charming old town and one of 3 walled cities in North America.

While we were there, we stayed the Le Chateau Frontenac.  It’s a beautiful hotel that sits high up overlooking the city.

Here is a shot from down below looking up at the hotel.  It’s the Grand one at the very top!

Here is another view from a hill nearby.  We climbed through ice to get this view and had to hold on to a fence and inch our way to the top. I’ll do anything for a good photo and fortunately so will my man!
Late one evening we climbed that same hill to get a shot of hotel at night. It was well worth the trip up that hill again!















One of the highlights of our trip was the ice canoeing on the St. Lawrence River.  It is one of the most dangerous and toughest sports out there and I was in awe watching it.  Most of the spectators were discussing how long a person had in that frigid water before they’d reach death.  It’s not long.  Coast guard stands by during the race but EVEN still!!!!  THe race is one of the main events of the carnival.

Here is the coast guard and tug that stand by during the race.

 Slideshow with lots of photos, click below on the photo


While looking back on these photos I’m not even sure if you can appreciate the magnitude of the St. Lawrence River and what these athletes are actually doing.  If you look at this first photo you’ll see how some of the athletes are so small compared to the river.  I was using a 300mm zoom lens and could get pretty close to them at first but when they reached the other side they looked so very small.

During the race, the athletes get to decide where and how they will maneuver the river.  They walk through some of the ice and canoe other parts depending on how the river is flowing.  This photo shows just how massive the ice slabs are~!So much of the ice is standing straight up and appears very sharp.  While they are moving quickly for the race, they have to be so careful! The athletes row the boat right up onto the ice .

 I’ll be sharing more photos from our trip but thought this would be a great start.



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