Fall Portrait Session

I do the majority of my portrait sessions outdoors so I ‘m always scouting out new locations for sessions while I’m in my car.  Sometimes I’ll drive around for that purpose alone.  Who wants their portrait to look like someone else’s?  Being fall I’ve had my eye on the foliage every week.  The trees change daily and I love to use them when I can.  While out scouting foliage I found a small field of tall wheat colored grass.  I thought it was perfect for this time of year and in the distance there were trees with beautiful fall colors.  What I loved about it was the way the light hits the tips of the grass and the golden color of the sun at different directions.

So after you’ve found a great location, the only other thing needed is beautiful little cutie like this~

Sunlight coming from the east and her beautiful smile made this one a favorite for me!

Could her outfit be any cuter?  Mini trees her size! Love this spot.

 I love the golden color of the sun~  It’s almost as if she’s playing with sunshine!  I played with color on this one just a bit.

Oranges, reds, and greens in the distance

The sun was fabulous on this day.  With a beautiful cast of light on her face, it made an easy choice to try a black and white.

Even Sepia was a good choice for these elements

So needless to say I went back there many times this past two weeks!  Each session completely different and special. I’ll post more soon.


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