Beautiful Location for Photos

I own a beautiful piece of property in Carver.  While I don’t live on this particular piece, I do use it all the time for photography sessions.  When we purchased it, it came with several old barns on it and old fences.  While most would want to tear them down, I found them to be charming and very useful in photography.

Today, I’d like to share a recent session I had on this property.  This senior fit so well with the scenery that I had to share her session.  So pretty and natural with every spot I placed her in.


There are fields of overgrown tall wheat colored grass like this that I LOVE to use. At different times of day I can create some spectacular backlighting.

There is also a lot weeds which can come in handy!

This is one of the old barns. I love the weathered brownish background shown here.  I use it frequently.

This is another weathered barn of a different color. The white gives me some variety to work with based on clothing colors.

Then there’s another barn attached to the white one with red worn shingles.  I love the black that shows up on these shingles too.

This fence is great to use as well

There are so many beautiful trees on this property.  The front of the property is line with large old sugar maple trees that are spectacular in the fall.  Then there are some that have great bark bringing dimension and texture to my photos.



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