Senior of the Day

Today, I’m posting about another beautiful senior girl!  I chose to showcase her because she had a fabulous session at Scusset Beach.  Often, people will think they need to cancel if the sky is overcast.  My answer to that is NO!  An overcast day is a perfect scenario because you don’t have to worry about squinting due to bright sun.  Another thing that is great about an overcast day is the moody sky.  I love clouds with character. They can bring life to a photo.

One of the nice things  about Scusset Beach is how much there is to work with.

For starters…..There is beautiful green grass everywhere and great pathways of sand to use for posing. Not every beach has this type of character.

 I use the walls of the jetty often!  There are large pieces of granite in all different colors.

























Look at these spectacular sky colors!

The boardwalk down at the beach is great too! It’s worn and grey and you can use it from any direction. For this pose, I tweaked the color a bit to offer variety!















Different areas of the beach have this small fencing that is great to use for posing and to get a bit of texture in the photo.

Then, there’s the driftwood. It’s been there forever and has such fabulous color.  This one piece is large and I’ll often pose a large sized family here or use it for a single.


It’s a great place for silhouettes!  I end most every session with one.





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