Senior of the Day

I’m loving this time of year and working with all the seniors!  Seniors are beautiful and flawless and so much fun to photograph!~


 One of the local beaches I use has a section of marsh in it which is great.  I love using the long wispy marsh grass in photos. Coupled with a beautiful blue sky, it’s fabulous!

I’ve been trying some new things and bringing furniture with me to sessions.  There’s something unique and fun about plopping a chair that belongs indoors…outdoors!  It brings life, character, texture, and color to the photo.



Sometimes I get lucky and there will be something in bloom to use!

Using the lines of the road and the texture of it can bring a little life to a photo too!

I was driving down a road close to home and happened to notice a section of wood pallets stacked really high.  Hmmmmm that could be great color for a background.  So, I tried it on a few seniors and really like it!  Great coloring for this senior and her gorgeous brown eyes!





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