Senior Portrait Season

Senior Portraits are in full swing!  I’ve been booking sessions more frequently now as seniors begin to embark upon an exciting year ahead.  This evening I had a fantastic session with a local senior and it prompted me to make a post about the elements that make a great session.

The answer is……..Several things!  First and foremost, I need to know who you are and what you like.  Are you into sports, music, animals, do you have a brand new car?  Do you like bright colors, dark colors, or pastels?  Do you like urban locations, the beach, or farm country?  The better I get to know you, the better your session becomes.  When you call to book a session, I like to ask a lot of  questions.  I jot down the responses and try to recommend locations close by that will suit your personality and allow me to bring out the best of you in photos. I have a home studio and can do indoor sessions but while the weather is nice, it’s best to take advantage and head outside.   I love when seniors bring a variety of clothes. At the start of the session I’ll begin to work colors with local backdrops.  Typically, I’m paying attention to your eye color and how your skin looks with different backgrounds.  My senior sessions take time.  Most last all of 2 hours.  I recommend bringing lots of things like hats, jewelry, scarfs, shoes.  etc.  We can mix and match with different backgrounds and deliver something unique to you.  Most seniors find their sessions fun!  We work together to come up with ideas for the surroundings we’ve chosen and squeeze in a laugh or two~

Here’s just a couple photos from my session tonight where this senior did everything right and it shows in her photos!!!!   I’m sharing just a couple. More to come~





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