What Did I look Like when I was 5?


Sometimes when the kids are in school, we don’t take the time to photograph them as much.  I think as parents, we just think, “oh I’ll get photos done at the start of the school year at school”.  Then the photos come in and occasionally, it wasn’t quite what we were looking for.  Yes, we get lucky some times and love them and sometimes we just don’t.  I always purchase mine weather I like them or not.  For me, it’s about documenting their lives all the way through. I keep them in a nice little scrapbook for them to look back on.  BUT THEN, I grab my camera and on each of their birthdays, and we have a photo session. It’s a tradition I’ve been doing for years. I started this when I realized, they wanted to see what they looked like when they were little.  One of my boys said, “Mom, what did I look like when I was 5?”  I went hunting for a photo and couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  Darn, I’m a photographer and wasn’t able to do it.  To remedy that situation, I began the yearly photo shoot with each of my boys.  I tell them it’s a present they give to me for their birthday.  I know they’ll have value to it later on, but sometimes they don’t appreciate it in the moment.  Yet, sometimes they surprise me.  And believe me, it won’t be long before you’re taking photos of your son or daughter with their significant other!  I’m already there and it feels like just yesterday I started this tradition.

If you have a school age child that you’d love to capture at this age right now, book a session and let’s capture something creative that expresses who they are right NOW~

Here are some samples I’ve taken of my boys from ages gone past!  ALready none of them look the same and I am so glad I have these to look back on.  For pricing, click here. 




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