What to Wear?

You’ve booked a portrait session and now the biggest question is……… What should I wear?  This is a question I receive OFTEN and it’s one that I’m happy to help with.  After all, I want your session to be the best it can possibly be!

Years ago it seemed like most of the family portraits were done with everyone wearing the same exact color.  While that is nice and it’s had its place in time, things are moving in a different direction. And yes, I have those photos on the wall where my whole family was wearing just white or just black and I still love them.  But lately, photographers are canvasing fashion boards and looking at the latest colors and trends in fashion to assist their clients.  So here are some suggestions to help you choose an outfit that will deliver a great session for you or your whole family.

  1. My number one suggestions is…… If you feel great in it, wear it. If something makes you feel like a million bucks, that’s your outfit.  Reason being, you are going to feel great and it will show in your eyes and body language.
  2. For family sessions you do not have to wear the same color.   You do, however need to stick with the same color saturation.  This means, if you are leaning toward pastels, then everyone needs to stick with pastels.  If you are looking for something bold and vibrant, then everyone needs to be in bold and vibrant colors.
  3. It’s ok to wear clothing with patterns but everyone shouldn’t be wearing a pattern and they need to look good side by side each other.
  4. Stay away from bold patterns and stripes.  I’ve found that these types of shirts are harsh on they eye when looking back at the photo.
  5. I’m a big fan of layers because they add dimension and character to your photo. By layers I mean hats, scarves, headbands, a sweater over a shirt, a jacket, ruffles, lace, etc.  We photographers work hard to make your photos appear as dimensional as possible and this type of clothing will do just that.
  6. Don’t spend a million dollars on these outfits.  When possible, choose from your closet.  To keep costs minimal go to a place like Old Navy.  They always have the latest colors and styles and the clothing won’t break your budget.
  7. Finally, if you are sitting home struggling with your clothing selection, reach out to me. Send me a photo via text of something you need an opinion on.  We can email, text, Instant message, whatever works for you.
Here is a link to 2015 fall fashion colors
Click here to check out a website called Everyday Savvy.  There are lots of fashion boards there for every season.  The website is wonderful and full of fashion boards for places like Kohls, Old Navy, the Loft etc.
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