Interested in a newborn session? I’ve put together some information on how I handle newborn sessions.

First, book your session early.  Schedule a window of time with me WHILE YOU ARE PREGNANT.  I know things happen and you are  not likely to have the baby on your due date but it helps me to plan.  As soon as the baby arrives, call your parents and tell them the good news, then call me 508-728-2395!  You can zip me a text, email, or call me and let me know.  During that conversation I’ll line up a session date with you.  My favorite date is the day AFTER you arrive home from the hospital.  These sessions work beautifully when your baby is small and brand new.  Why?  Because they are sleepy and I am able to work with them while they are still in their sleepy phase.  You’ll love the results and the baby will probably not even realize their having a photo shoot.  I do ask that you not have guests over during that time frame as it will be harder for me to capture something special.

For sessions in your home, I’ll need to take a peek around and determine the best place for the session.  Most often, it’s the nursery or a large family room.  I’ll make the room warm with a portable heater and put on a heartbeat machine to lull the baby to sleep.  Before I begin, I like the baby to be nice and full so I’ll have mom feed the baby and we begin right after that is finished.

Next, expect to spend a solid 3-4 hours with me during your session.  Babies need lots of attention and I only work at baby’s pace, NOT OUR PACE.  If the baby needs to eat frequently, I stop for every feeding.  If the baby needs a diaper change, we tend to his or her every need.  This takes time and I’m happy to wait because it makes the baby happy and our results the best.

During your session, I will take a variety of photos and use every ounce of creativity I have. I’ll capture tiny toes, scaly hands, beautiful lashes, soft skin, mom with baby, date with baby, siblings with baby, etc.   I have lots of newborn props and welcome any that you wish to bring to your session.  Ideas are endless and I’m happy to chat with you about any creative thoughts you have.  While it’s ideal to have you come here to my home studio, I will travel to you if it’s easier for you.  An additional $50.00 travel fee  is needed to cover the fuel expenses and packing up my studio.  If I travel to you, be aware, I’ll have a lot of stuff!!  How much, A LOT!  I bring bean bags, lighting, backdrops, tons of blankets, props, and mini furniture to use with your baby.  It’ll feel like an invasion of your home :} but trust me, it’s all worth it.  The advantage of having me come to you is having me photograph your baby somewhere special in that nursery that you’ve spent countless hours preparing for.

Lots of times parents have seen something out there on the internet with a baby photo that they absolutely loved.  Feel free to show it to me and I’ll see what I can do to capture something similar while added my own personality and creativity to the image.

My newborn fee is $400.00  This includes photos of baby, mom, dad, and siblings.  I’ll share the session with you through an online gallery and allow you to choose your favorite 15 photos.  All photos will be digitally enhanced using my own workflow. Additional digital files can be purchased as well.  Photos can be color, black and white, sepia, and even special tinting.

Here are some samples for you to see.


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