Senior sessions are fun and I really enjoy doing them.  Seniors can expect to spend a solid two hours with me and spend 10-15 minutes on the phone planning out your session.  I typically start your session here at my home studio where I’ll  take a couple of close up shots indoors.  From there we move on to locations close to my home in Carver and in Plymouth.  I like to use a variety of props at the local school and beaches.  When you look back at your session I will have provided you with indoor shots, outdoor shots, a variety of color, texture, and locations.  There will be plenty of shots in there that you’ll love and many your parents will love too!  I welcome outfit changes and phone consultations so we can get the best of your session.  Think about all the things that are important to you. Are you a guitar player?  If so, bring it with you.  I’d love to capture you doing what you love.  Did you get a new car?  Let’s use that new car for a prop in your photos.  Are you on the football team? Are you a cheerleader?  Bring your best friend.  No matter what you are in to, I want to know about it and capture it for you.  My job is to capture you right here and now.  Let’s make your session fun, creative, and let’s capture the best of you!

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And bring your parents with you if you’d like.  At the end of your session, I’ll snap a great photo with your parents.  My compliments~


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