Baby Photo Sessions

Ahhhhh newborns, my favorite subject to photograph.  I LOVE them!


The absolute best time to photograph a newborn is during the first week of life.  During this time, they are super sleepy and very cooperative!  It’s best to book a session with me in advance so I can be on standby for your session.  Be prepared, a newborn session can take up to 2 hours.  We need to allot plenty of time so that we go at baby’s pace and let them eat, change diapers, etc.

When you arrive at my house, I recommend you bring baby in a onesie.  Bundle them up for the car ride with blankets.   This way baby won’t be too disturbed by taking layers of clothing off when you arrive.  Newborn sessions are best done naked.  I’ll add some character by using any accessories you bring or items from my accessory closet.   I keep adding to my collection of tutu’s, headbands, hats, etc.

During my newborn sessions, I like to include photos of the new family together.  Mom and Dad should each wear solid long sleeve black shirts.  Oh, and polish up those wedding bands and engagement rings. If baby cooperates we’ll take some fun photos with them.

Lastly, I like to mention that it’s ok to cancel or even delay your session at the last minute if baby is not feeling well, tired, or hungry.  I’d rather wait for the best possible time to capture  perfect photos for you.





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